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Meet our Speakers

With a multitude of choices out there; finding a reputable speaker can become an overwhelming experience. Preemie Parent Alliance has taken the guesswork out of the equation. We provide professional speakers that will not only ensure your event to be an informative one, but a memorable one as well. We look forward to working with your individual needs.

Families Need Support

Percentage of Parents with infants in the NICU suffering with PTSD

15–53% of mothers
8–33% of fathers
Keri plus child

Leaving a lasting impression is the most crucial element to keep in mind when finding the right speaker for your event. You want people to feel motivated, become engaged, and to not only understand – but leave them uplifted and connected.

Professional Associations are beginning to take note that parents should be a part of all aspects of a baby’s life from the beginning and not just from the time that child is born, but when standards of care guidelines are written and when research and trials are designed.

Striking similarities regardless of our NICU experiences may be similar, but our individual stories are uniquely our own. Each of them peppered with their own sets of challenges and triumphs. And each is so poignant and such an integral part of who we are and who we have become. There’s incredible power in our stories. Our stories paint images of parents crumbling to the floor in devastation. And our stories also paint beautiful pictures of our stories of those glorious moments when we finally get to hold those babies in our arms.

Our stories can draw foreigners into our tiny little NICU world and we can even bring physicians and nurses into their workplace through our own eyes. But above all, our stories can provide that pinpoint of light that a parent needs in their darkest hour. Where that seed of hope is planted, and the thought that everything is going to be ok is actually entertained.

The Preemie Parent Alliance has had the incredible honor to represent our unique view of NICU and post-NICU experiences in a number of local and national settings. In 2013, PPA conducted a Parent Panel Workshop at the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) Conference, receiving the highest review marks out of the entire conference. PPA also provided a review board for NANN’s Discharge Review Module which was released in 2014 called Baby Steps to Home and we continue to provide a review panel for their Nursing Journal called Advances in Neonatal Care.

Preemie Parent Alliance members also had the privilege to provide resources, review panel and was highlighted in Your NICU Baby by The Wellness Network.

Other significant PPA speaking opportunities have included the NEO Conference, National Association of Perinatal Social Workers, and Maternal Infant Health Conference. Learn more about our PPA Speakers Bureau.




"The event unfolded like a Nutcracker ballet – endless medical professionals all contributing to a perfectly choreographed event."

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Katie Reginato Cascamo, M.A.

Founder of Courageous Steps. Toastmaster and Professional Speaker

"Parents are informed, engaged and empowered because they are viewed as a critical component of their baby's care team."

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Jennifer Canvasser, M.S.W

Founder & Director of NEC Society

On the outside I was a strong mother who willed my son to live. However, on the inside I was terrified to bond with Q because I was afraid that I would lose him.

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Tanya Clay

Ambassador Program Coordinator for Hand to Hold

With my cell phone lighting the way, I left the cabin as quietly as I was able and walked the quarter-mile to my car. The security guard gave a slight wave as I drove past him—it never occurred to me to stop at the guard gate…

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Jennifer Degl

Author of From Hope to Joy & Blogger for HuffPost Parents and The Mighty

Sarah Gilmore

Communications Coordinator of Preemie Parent Alliance

"The sounds of the alarms constantly going off – it haunts you in your dreams for years…"

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Natalie Gordon

Program Facilitator for NICU Helping Hands

"There HAS to be a better way…"

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Cristal Grogan

Digital Marketing Manager for NICU Helping Hands

Lisa Grubbs

Founder & President

"Only a small percentage of dads will share my experiences with prematurity, but every dad can benefit from the lessons it taught me."

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Nick Hall

President of Graham's Foundation


Kristy Love

Director of Operations and NICU Family Advocate for National Perinatal Association

My husband brought in the Polaroid of my son. How could this be my baby? I was so sleepy. I just wanted to close my eyes and shut everything out.

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Kelli Kelley

Founder/Executive Director of Hand to Hold

I wouldn't do this for anyone else. But I'd do it all again for him.

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Julie Howard

Founder of It's a Preemie Thing


Jenné Johns

Author of Once Upon a Preemie

"After our experience of losing our son, Campbell, and spending 228 days in the NICU with Joseph, I have a passion for helping parents stay connected with their NICU and giving back to others who are currently experiencing life in the NICU."

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Laura Martin

Director, NICU Ambassador Program for Graham's Foundation

Kasey Mathews

Author of Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood


Lori Nesslein, M.D.

Advisory Board and Medical Advisory Board Member for NICU Helping Hands

Tracy Pella

Co-Founder & President of Connected Forever

Susan Selby

Vice President of Holding Tiny Hands


"For most of my life I've striven to try to forget past tragedies, life changing events that didn't turn out the way I had planned. The NICU experience is different."

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Bob Selby

Executive Director of Holding Tiny Hands Foundation

Keira Sorrells

Founder & President, Preemie Parent Alliance / Founder & Executive Director, Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation

"It cannot be easy to do the jobs the NICU staff does. Self-sacrifice is anathema to human nature. But it is at the very core of what these staffs do."

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Timothy Spillane

Board of Directors Member of Graham's Foundation / Writer


“We know how extremely fortunate we are to have had such positive outcomes for both boys.”

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Stephanie Vaughan

Co-founder and President of The Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund



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