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Julie Howard

I wouldn't do this for anyone else. But I'd do it all again for him.

Julie Howard

Founder of It's a Preemie Thing

Having her son the day she turned 29 weeks (2lbs 5oz) was a life changer. Luckily, Julie’s sense of humor helped her survive the NICU and she decided to use it to spread the love to other families. The way she decided to do this was through making onesies and t-shirts for the entire family, so she launched It’s a Preemie Thing on Labor Day 2010. It has continued to grow as Julie moved into her first commercial space. It’s a Preemie Thing’s Facebook page also offers support through networking parents.

Speaking FAQS

  • Interaction with a nurse that could have been better
  • Life after the NICU: how I was prepared
  • Life after the NICU: managing multiple specialists
  • Life after the NICU: maximizing your Early Intervention experience
  • Life after the NICU: caring for a special needs child
  • Positive interaction with a social worker
  • Positive interaction with a nurse
  • Positive interaction with a doctor
  • Receiving a prenatal diagnosis

Woodinville, Washington

Because each speaker has a unique fee structure, we recommend that you contact us if you have a specific format in mind.

Many speakers charge a base fee for 1-hour presentation and keynotes. This fee often increases incrementally depending on your requirements from half to full day seminars. In some cases, a speaker will charge the same fee for a presentation regardless of whether it’s an hour or a full day seminar.

Please note: Speaker fees vary widely and typically do not include expenses. Expenses often include airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meals, and any out-of-pocket expenses. Fees for international events are often subject to an incremental increase in cost.

  • University of Washington – Presentation on children with hindbrain malformations OCT 2012
  • March for Babies Corporate Breakfast Kick Off – Seattle March 2013
  • Northwest Families TV program – April 2013
  • Discussing prematurity and It’s a Preemie Thing  Preemie Parent Alliance – Social Media Briefing OCT 2013
  • Multiple courses taught and presentations made during 16 years in the military including countless presentations at ROTC departments as the Officer Strength Manager.

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