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Jennifer Canvasser, M.S.W

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"Parents are informed, engaged and empowered because they are viewed as a critical component of their baby's care team."

Jennifer Canvasser, M.S.W

Founder & Director of NEC Society

Jennifer Canvasser founded the NEC Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis, after losing her son Micah to the disease in 2012. The NEC Society is a leading international champion for the prevention of NEC in fragile infants. Jennifer’s expertise includes children’s environmental health, nonprofit leadership, community organizing and advocacy. She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post on parenting, health and food justice issues. Jennifer has presented on diverse children’s health topics nationally and internationally. She completed her undergraduate studies at U.C.L.A. and earned her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California with a focus on community organizing.

Speaking FAQS

  • Breastfeeding & Pumping
  • Building Sustainable Programs
  • Family-Centered Care: Aspects That Were Missing
  • Family-Centered Care:  How it Helped
  • Healthcare Policy
  • High risk pregnancy/multiple gestation pregnancy
  • How to Foster Positive Relationships with NICU Doctors and Nurses
  • Interaction with a Doctor That Could Have Been Better
  • Interaction with a Nurse That Could Have Been Better
  • Interaction with a Social Worker That Could Have Been Better
  • Loss during pregnancy
  • Loss in the NICU
  • Loss of a child in the first year after NICU discharge
  • Life After the NICU: Discharge Planning
  • Life After the NICU: Hospice Care
  • Life After the NICU: Managing Durable Medical Equipment and/or Home Nursing
  • Life After the NICU: Managing Multiple Specialists
  • Life After the NICU: Rehospitalization After NICU Discharge
  • More than one baby in the NICU
  • NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis)
  • Organizational Development
  • Positive interaction with a doctor
  • Positive interaction with a nurse
  • Pregnancy after a pregnancy, neonatal, or infant loss
  • Pregnancy after prematurity
  • Pregnancy after Perinatal, Neonatal, or Infant Loss
  • Pregnancy after Prematurity
  • Positive Interaction with a Doctor
  • Positive Interaction with a Nurse
  • Positive Interaction with a Social Worker
  • Topics Surrounding Bereavement
  • Underserved Populations and Healthcare Disparity
  • Volunteer Management (recruitment, training, retention)

Dallas, Texas

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Please note: Speaker fees vary widely and typically do not include expenses. Expenses often include airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meals, and any out-of-pocket expenses. Fees for international events are often subject to an incremental increase in cost.

  • Hot Topics in Neonatology, Dec. 2014
  • Various (dozens) of environmental-health conferences, 2010-2015 
  • Mott Children’s Hospital, PICU nurses, 2013-2014

Audio/Video of Previous Speaking Engagements

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