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A Cut Above the Rest

We are the ONLY speakers bureau comprised solely of preemie parents, offering first-hand knowledge and experience that providers, educators, and other health care workers cannot get anywhere else. Our unique perspectives will ensure your next event is memorable and informative.

Personalized Attention

With a multitude of choices out there; finding a reputable speaker can become an overwhelming experience. Preemie Parent Alliance has taken the guesswork out of the equation. We provide professional speakers that will not only ensure your event to be an informative one, but a memorable one as well.

Hand Picked Speakers

Our distinguished panel of professionals carefully hand selects speakers who are professional, personable & knowledgable. We focus all of our efforts on you – the client. We strive to select the speaker who is right for your event; one who compliments your goals and objectives, as well as your audience.

Apply to become a Speaker

This opportunity is open ONLY to Preemie Parent Alliance Members.

Watch one of our speakers in action

Kelli Kelley speaks on The Emotional Impact of a NICU Stay

Meet Our Speakers

Our Topics

Browse through a handful the topics we cover for a quick description:

High-Risk pregnancy, Multiple Gestation Pregnancy, Extended Bedrest, Receiving a Prenatal Diagnosis, Receiving a Terminal Prenatal Diagnosis, Pregnancy after Perinatal, Neonatal, or Infant Loss, & Pregnancy after Prematurity 

PTSD, PPD, and issues relating to the psychosocial support in the NICU and beyond

Family Centered Care: Aspects that were Missing/ How it Helped, How to Foster Positive Relationships with NICU Doctors and Nurses, Interaction with a (Doctor/Nurse/Social Worker) That Could Have Been Better, Positive Interaction with a (Doctor/Nurse/Social Worker), Servant Leadership in the NICU

Loss during pregnancy, Loss in the NICU, Loss of a preemie within the first year of discharge, Pregnancy after Perinatal, Neonatal, or Infant Loss, Receiving a Terminal Prenatal Diagnosis, and other topics relating to bereavement.


Caring for a Former Preemie – Age 10+, Caring for a Special Needs Child, Managing DME and/or home nursing, Managing Multiple Specialists, Pregnancy after Prematurity, Pursuing education after a NICU experience to serve prematurity, Re-hospitalization After NICU Discharge, What’s Next? What Will Happen Post NICU?

Receiving a diagnosis in or out of the NICU, Receiving a terminal diagnosis, Receiving a Terminal Prenatal Diagnosis, Managing Multiple Specialists, Caring for a Special Needs Child

Caring for a Special Needs Child, Alternative Therapies for Special Needs, Developmental Care, Managing Multiple Specialists, Maximizing Your Early Intervention Experience

Informed and Engaged in the Preemie Community


Our speakers stay up to date on the latest stories from research & development to staying informed on diseases and the latest treatments.

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This Month’s Highlighted Speakers

My husband brought in the Polaroid of my son. How could this be my baby? I was so sleepy. I just wanted to close my eyes and shut everything out.

View profile

Kelli Kelley

Founder/Executive Director of Hand to Hold

“We know how extremely fortunate we are to have had such positive outcomes for both boys.”

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Stephanie Vaughan

Co-founder and President of The Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund

"For most of my life I've striven to try to forget past tragedies, life changing events that didn't turn out the way I had planned. The NICU experience is different."

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Bob Selby

Executive Director of Holding Tiny Hands Foundation

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